Malheur County unemployment worsens again as statewide numbers improve

While dine-in has opened back up in Malheur County, restaurants are still maintaining carry-out orders. Employment in the hospitality industry in Malheur County continues to drop. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

The unemployment rate in Malheur County rose slightly in May, while the overall state rate dropped by 1 percentage point, according to Christopher Rich, regional economist with the state Employment Department.

The unemployment rate was 8.3%, up just 0.2 percentage point from April.

Employment was down 140 from April to 11,190 and is down 760 jobs from a year ago.

The biggest drop in the county from April was a loss of 70 jobs in the education and health services sector and another 30 in trade.

The restaurant and motel industry continued to show declines, losing another 20 jobs in May. That . . .