PHOTOS: For Malheur County restaurants, it’s a new era for business

Owner Kat Hill and employee Rhannon Chavez stand next to the still closed pool table at the Sagebrush Saloon & BBQ in Vale. The arcade is open again through reservation (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)


Local restaurants: Business close to usual after shutdown

Kat Hill delivers the first order of the day through the take-out window at the Sagebrush Saloon & BBQ in Vale. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

Kat Hill prepares burgers and fries at the Sagebrush Saloon & BBQ. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

Dianne Welker passes out menus as Rhannon Chavez pours drinks for Michael McGinnis, who comes regularly to the Sagebrush in Vale although he is from out of town (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

Lottery machines are back in use with a self-cleaning stationed provided for customers after each use at the Sagebrush Saloon. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

While dine-in has returned across Malheur County, restaurants are still maintaining carry-out orders, including the Plaza Inn in Ontario. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

Cat Davis takes out orders at the Plaza Inn Restaurant in Ontario. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan).

The Plaza Inn Restaurant is busy a recent lunch hour. Raised partitions between booths were installed to adhere to state regulations. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

Selena Jungling staffs the cashier station at the Plaza Inn in Ontario. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

Selena and Jason Jungling wipe down menus between serving customers at the Plaza Inn. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

Denine Tucker, manager of Thunderegg Coffee Company in Nyssa. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

Since the self-service station is still closed, Denine Tucker of Thunderegg Coffee in Nyssa adds syrup to a customer’s coffee order. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

Every other table remains closed at the Thunderegg Coffee Company, reflecting the shift in seating capacity. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

Owner Wayne Chew of Shanghai Restaurant in Ontario. The restaurant is back to full staff and are serving a full menu. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

Condiments are kept away from tables unlike before to reduce the chance of cross-contamination between diners. (The Enterprise/Kezia Setyawan)

Brenda Wong serves dine in customers at Shanghai Restaurant in Ontario. The banquet room is currently not in service (The Enterprise/ Kezia Setyawan).

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