Rodriguez, Ontario city councilor embroiled in restraining orders, has prior domestic violence history

The Malheur County Courthouse in Vale. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

ONTARIO - Ontario City Councilor Freddy Rodriguez twice before has been accused of domestic violence, once resulting in a guilty plea to a criminal charge, according to Canyon County District Court records in Idaho.

The prior criminal cases come to light as the Malheur County Sheriff’s Office investigates allegations that Rodriguez threatened a Malheur County woman. The victim earlier this month obtained a restraining order against the councilor. The Enterprise does not identify victims of domestic abuse.

Two other local people said they have complained that they found Rodriguez’s behavior threatening. Dan Capron, president of the Ontario City Council, said he went to the Oregon State Police three or four months ago to report that he felt physically threatened by Rodriguez “like a school yard bully . . .