Death of a local paper isn’t good news in any town and the Enterprise works to avoid that fate

Les Zaitz, publisher of the Malheur Enterprise, talks with reporter Pat Caldwell at the newspaper's Vale office (East Oregonian/E.J. Harris/file)

Sadly, another newspaper is about to close and a community loses a voice.

The Independent Observer in Payette is scheduled to put out its last weekly edition this week, the final turn for a paper that’s been around since 1890.

The paper is owned by Wick Communications, an Arizona-based company that also owns the Argus Observer in Ontario. The Argus has had its struggles, stopping one day of publication as the pandemic took hold.

This isn’t isolated in today’s America and it’s something that should matter to you. When sources of news disappear, people know less about their community. There is nothing good to come from . . .