PHOTOS: Ontario’s Black Lives Matter protest draws diverse, engaged crowd downtown

A diverse group of social equity supporters, advocates, and allies listen to spontaneous speeches and testimonials at Ontario City Hall in the early evening heat on Thursday, June 4. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

Hundreds of people came out in support of the Black Lives Matter movement on Thursday, June 4. Residents, educators, organizers, and government officials gave impassioned speeches, and shared emotional personal stories and testimonials about their experiences with ethnic and gender inequality.

Neighbors get acquainted. Children meet and share a hug during the rally. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

Many attendees, mindful of the threat of Covid-19, choose to wear masks, high temperature notwithstanding. Protesters listen to speeches at city hall. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

Young Ontario resident Jazzlyn Malubeki came to the event with her family. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

Young Ontario resident Jazzlyn Malubeki came to the event with her family. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

One of the protestors’ demands is that Ontario City government reflects the gender and ethnic makeup of the community. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

Emotions flow as people share deeply personal stories of discrimination and violence directed toward them. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

A protester waves a tattered, upside-down American flag at sunset. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

All aspects of social inclusion and social justice in the community were addressed. A man wears a rainbow flag as a cape while he waits for the march down Southwest 4th Avenue. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

An attendee takes a knee in recognition of football player and social activist Colin Kaepernick. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

Dozens of passing vehicles honk and wave signs in support of the march along Southwest 4th Avenue. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

Ontario Mayor Riley Hill and City Councilor Freddy Rodriguez expressed support for the movement and its goals of inclusion and equity in Ontario. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

Protest organizer Charlie Gonzalez (background, in pink) and others listen to a personal testimony from a community member. All who wanted to were invited to speak. (The Enterprise/Rachel Parsons)

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