New store in Vale offers up CBD oil products

Samantha Winebarger (left) and Jackie Lemer are the co-owners of the new business, Hempsentials, in Vale. The store offers CBD oil products such as topical creams, balms and pain lotions. (The Enterprise/Pat Caldwell).

VALE – Jackie Lemer and Samantha Winebarger believe in the healing properties of cannabidiol – or CBD – oil.

That’s why they decided to join up and open Hempsentials at 289 A. St. West in Vale.

The new downtown business offers a variety of CBD products, from topical skin care creams and lip balm to pain lotions and bath bombs.

The store also showcases a foot soak room where Winebarger offers classes on pedicures.

The store also offers private birthday celebrations.

The foot soak room is closed now because of the COVID-19 outbreak.

The two Vale women opened their store in January. Business, they said, was beginning to pick up when COVID-19 restrictions landed. Winebarger worked as a nail technician for “many, many years” before opting to open Hempsentials while Lemer works fulltime as the dietary manager at Nyssa Gardens, an assisted living facility.

“We were almost getting to our peak when COVID-19 hit,” said Lemer.

Winebarger said she began to use CBD coconut oil a few years ago and realized “It was very beneficial.”

The two friends make all the products and use hemp harvested by Winebarger’s husband, Virgil, at his Castle Hemp Farms outside of Vale.

When the laws governing the growth and sale of hemp changed, the two women suddenly had a green light to create their business.

“Virgil started growing hemp and we learned all of the great properties of CBD. So, from the seed going into the ground to the product seal, we do it all,” said Lemer.

Winebarger said the hemp is carefully grown and harvested.

“We don’t spray chemicals. So, it’s good to know we are starting with a good product,” said Winebarger.

Winebarger said the proof, so to speak, is in the product.

“One of my favorite things is when we are doing a show and we have a customer who has never tried the product and they have arthritis and they rub it on and they will be talking and suddenly their eye light up. They can feel the relief,” said Winebarger.

Lemer said she and Winebarger like the fact that their products are useful.

“We can relieve people’s pain. Our products are healthy, make you feel better and you know what you are getting,” said Lemer.

Once the hemp is harvested and cured, the two use a machine – much like a heated blender – to create their products.

“We infuse hemp with almond oil but it could be almond, coconut or any kind of oil. We use a lot of essential oils,” said Lemer.

“That’s part of the fun in what we do, making these products ourselves,” said Winebarger.

For now, the store is open only by appointment.

Lemer said while COVID-19 restrictions are a reality, she believes when the county opens up their business will pick up.

“We know when this is over we will come out strong,” said Lemer. “We have great customers.”

To find out more, contact Lemer at 541-212-6257 or Winebarger at 541-212-2428.

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