Editorial: Seek ways to heal, not incite, as strife spreads across nation

Protestors hold signs in protest of racism and police violence in Hermiston on Monday, June 1, 2020. (Ben Lonergan/East Oregonian)

The strains on our nation, on we the people, mount by the day. We are being tested as we seldom have in recent decades and how we react now says much about us as a country. No easy choices are ahead.

Here, in Malheur County, we may seem immune to what is happening. But the tentacles of chaos and dysfunction reach to us here on the edge of Oregon, make no mistake. Not one of us can look away, can say it’s only a trauma for New York or Chicago or Portland. It is a trauma for us all.

The us vs. them view of issues has hardened here as it has across the country. Doubt that . . .