Twitter suspends account of Oregon group that claims voters’ party affiliations were changed without consent

SALEM - Twitter and Facebook are taking steps to stop the spread of misinformation about Oregon’s elections system, after Republican Secretary of State Bev Clarno’s administration alerted the social media companies to what she said were falsehoods being shared on their platforms.

Oregon election officials, from county clerks to the secretary of state, hear complaints from voters during every primary election, because some people who receive nonpartisan ballots believed they registered as Democrats or Republicans.

This year, those frustrations were amplified when a Facebook group called “My party was changed Oregon” and the Oregon Republican Party launched an effort to gather first-hand accounts from voters who say their party affiliation was changed without their consent. They shared some of those accounts with the re-election campaign of President Donald Trump, who has attacked vote-by-mail in recent weeks and on . . .