EDITORIAL: Wilson defeat holds lessons for rest of court

Malheur County Commissioner Larry Wilson, left, at the courthouse last year. (The Enterprise/File)

Election night held a stunning result ­– Larry Wilson, an Ontario real estate agent, lost his bid for a third term as Malheur County commissioner. And the result warrants close attention by all three county commissioners, for the message seems clear: You need to do better.

Wilson won his first race for commissioner in a three-way campaign in 2012. He had no Republican opponent four years later and 6,131 voters decided he should keep his part-time county job.

Last week, voters had decidedly turned against Wilson. He mustered less than 1,000 votes. Only one out of four Republican voters supported him. Three of four voted for either Ron Jacobs, who won the nomination, or Jim Mendiola. There is no other way to read the . . .