Top Nyssa official recounts monthlong struggle with coronavirus-like malady

Nyssa City Manager Jim Maret is sure he came down with the COVID-19 virus in mid-March. He spent almost 30 days recovering from the infection. (The Enterprise/Pat Caldwell).

NYSSA – Jim Maret always considered himself a healthy person.

Now, after spending nearly a month recovering from what he believes was the COVID-19 virus, he considers himself lucky.

Maret said he was never tested for the virus but suffered from every symptom of the malady.

“I even got the sores on my toes they talk about,” said Maret.

Dubbed “COVID toes,” some people who get the COVID-19 virus discover lesions on their feet that are described as appearing as if the individual was exposed to extreme cold temperatures.

Maret said he attended a conference in Salem in mid . . .