Malheur County Court stalls decision on economic relief coordinator, judge doubts approval

Dan Joyce, Malheur County judge, said last week the county will probably not approve funds for a special position to help the area bounce back from the economic impacts of the COVID-19 virus. (The Enterprise/Joe Siess)

This story has been updated to reflect the move by the Malheur County Court Wednesday, May 20.

VALE – For the third week in a row the Malheur County Court last Wednesday put off deciding whether to support a new position to help the local economy recover.

An informal group calling itself the Malheur Recovery Team has been trying to get county commissioners to allocate $40,000 to support a temporary job that would help area businesses get back up and running.

The Malheur Recovery Team includes Ontario City Manager Adam Brown; Andrea Testi, director of the Treasure . . .