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Payette man wins big at Jacksons Food Store in Ontario

ONTARIO – Levi Robinette and his son went into Jacksons Food Store in Ontario last week for an early morning energy drink after staying up all night. 

Robinette had pulled an all-nighter to help his wife get used to working the night shift at Jack in the Box, where they both work.

It was payday and the Payette man had just bought breakfast at McDonald’s. He got the energy drink and, on a whim, bought three scratch lottery tickets. 

Then, Robinette started scratching. 

“At first I thought I was a $10 dollar winner,” he recalled. “And then the zeros kept going.”

Robinette won a $100,000 jackpot prize.

He was stunned. He tried to tell his wife, but he said she didn’t believe him. 

“No you didn . . .