PHOTO GALLERY: Behind the scenes at Vale’s ‘pandemic prom’

Vale High School students (from left) Amber Tolman, Brianna Beesley, Alexys Rodgers and Isabelle Phillips wait their turn for a photo in front of Luzetta’s Flowers Saturday. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

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VALE – Local students all dressed up with nowhere to go for prom showed up to Luzetta’s Flowers Saturday to celebrate anyway.

Owner Sarah Rodriguez teamed up with April Johnson of Red Barn Photography to host a free digital photo and flower session for juniors and seniors missing out on the traditional end-of-year celebration.

From noon to 4 p.m., students dropped by in full dress and make-up. They were entered to win gift card prizes and Sagebrush Saloon provided free fries and a drink. Prom nights were originally scheduled for last week at several area schools, but with schools closed for the rest of the school year due to COVID-19, the events were canceled. Read more about Saturday’s event here.

Vale High seniors Amber Tolman, left, and Alexys Rodgers pick a rose before they go for their photo shoot. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Photographer April Johnson takes a shot of Isabelle Phillips. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Photographer April Johnson and Vale High senior Brianna Beesley laugh as Beesley readies for the photo shoot. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Vale High School senior Catherine Booth poses with her rose. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Zettie Rodriguez helps out with the sign-in at the event. Students who stopped by for a photo were entered to win gift cards toward local businesses. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Kat Hill, owner of the Sagebrush Saloon, joins in the fun. Students who came by for a photo were given free fries and a coke at the Sagebrush. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Participants were able to choose a free rose ahead of the photo. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Sarah Rodriguez, owner of Luzetta’s Flowers, takes a photo of the students all gussied up. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Nyssa High School senior Maribel Gallegos poses for her photo. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

From right, Vale High students Zudiia Hill and Samantha Tolman wait in the alcove of the Vale Library after posing for their shots. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Nyssa High School student Melita Morales. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Isabelle Phillips shows off her “heels” during the shoot. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

April Johnson gives Vale High student Alexys Rodgers some pointers before they start shooting photos. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Amber Tolman chooses a rose ahead of her photo. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

A Vale High School senior poses for a photo as Luzetta’s little helpers hold up the sunlight reflector. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Chase Hinkley was “volun-told” to come to the event by his girlfriend. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)


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