State clears way for self-service gasoline across Oregon – for now

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Malheur County, you can pump your own gas now under temporary regulations announced Saturday morning by the Office of State Fire Marshal.

“In response to the impacts of COVID-19 on Oregon, the Office of State Fire Marshal is suspending regulations over self-service stations,” the agency said in its announcement.

The self-service regulation is in place through April 11. The agency said it would work with industry representatives to determine if the self-service rules need to be extended after that.

The agency said service stations must have an attendant on duty “to supervise self-service refueling consistent with the social distancing polices.”

Stations can offer self-service fueling without an attendant only if “there are no employees available to work as an attendant” and signs have been posted explaining how to safely fuel.

The agency said that station owners who need help finding employees to cover shifts can reach out to Miriam Nolte at [email protected] or 503-612-4252.