Stay at home, perhaps coming to Oregon, is already the rule in Los Angeles, nation’s second largest urban area

The departures level at Los Angeles International Airport is deserted on March 22. (David Zaitz/Special to Salem Reporter)

Increasing restrictions on public movement loom for Oregon, following other states and urban areas that have already shut down in an attempt to stop community spread of the coronavirus.

So what does that look like in a city of 4 million, center to a greater metropolitan area of more than 18 million? These photos, taken by photographer David Zaitz, show the scene in Los Angeles, where normally crowded sidewalks and gridlocked freeways are eerily empty.

People stand in line to gain access to a Whole Foods grocery store in El Segundo, California. Stores are regulating how many people can be inside the store at the same time. March 22, 2020. (David Zaitz/Special to Salem Reporter . . .