EDITORIAL: Malheur County, let’s pull together to stop this virus

UPDATE: This editorial has been updated

Make no mistake – Malheur County is in for a rough time. How we emerge from this pandemic depends on what we all do today, and it shouldn’t take government ordering us to act.

On Tuesday, word came that an employee of an Ontario contractor has tested positive for COVID-19 and company employees are in quarantine. The infected employee lives in Payette County but worked in Oregon. In Malheur County, 19 other people have been tested with negative results.

Don’t be fooled. It’s here. The disease, a respiratory illness for which there is no vaccine and no cure, is erupting in the U.S. This isn’t hype. This is medical fact. Four Oregonians are dead from the disease.

If there was ever a time for the people of Malheur . . .