Eddy Pearcy-Thiel on a mission with Citizens Coalition

Eddy Pearcy-Thiel spearheaded the creation of the Citizens Coalition of Ontario to keep citizens informed about local government. (The Enterprise/Pat Caldwell)

ONTARIO – Public engagement is considered a cornerstone of democracy and one local woman wants to make sure the lines of communication between voters and their elected leaders are open.

That’s the main reason why Ontario resident Eddy Pearcy-Thiel decided last year to spearhead the creation of the Citizens Coalition of Ontario. Pearcy-Thiel said she believes knowledge is power and the more information voters can absorb the better off Ontario will be in the future. Pearcy-Thiel said while she is one of the main supporters of the coalition, she works with a team of five.

The coalition sponsored three town hall meetings last year where city council members delivered presentations and . . .