Calling all Tater Tot fans – Fest wants you!

Tater Tots nestled in a basket are a popular part of a meal – and one of the inspirations for a new local festival. (The Enterprise/File) 

ONTARIO - The folks in charge of the 2020 Tater Tot Festival are anticipating the town to swell with Tater Tot enthusiasm, and are seeking volunteers.

Revitalize Ontario will be enrolling volunteers at the Four Rivers Cultural Center on Saturday, Feb. 29, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m.

The festival will take place in Ontario on Friday, Sept. 18, and Saturday, Sept. 19, and will honor the Grigg brothers, Nephi and Golden, the founders of the frozen food processing company Ore-Ida and the inventors of the internationally famous crunchy potato snack, the Tater Tot.

On Saturday, prospective volunteers will have the chance to browse the various jobs available, and . . .