Basques ready to dance and dine at annual community celebration in Ontario

The Beti Alai dancers perform in 2019's annual Ontario Basque Charity Dinner and Dance. (Submitted photo)

ONTARIO – The Ontario Basque Charity Dinner and Dance had humble beginnings in the homes of Basque ladies who wanted to preserve their culture. Now organizers are gearing up for the 73rd annual celebration, set for Saturday, Feb. 29, at Four Rivers Cultural Center.

The event is an opportunity to support the community and get a glimpse of Basque culture, said Ontario Basque Club member Lisa Corcostegui.

“Basques have been in Malheur County for a long time,” said Corcostegui.

Her grandmother moved to the area in 1910.

“And she came following her uncle who’d been there for even longer than that,” she said.

The event opens at 5:30 p.m. and dinner will be served from 6 . . .