COMMENTARY: Donor list grows for public records disclosure fund in Malheur County

The staff of the Malheur Enterprise (from left); reporter Joe Siess, reporter Yadira Lopez, sales manager Rose Zueger, reporter Pat Caldwell, office manager Autumn Butler, delivery driver Sheila Schroder, business manager Howard Benson. (Photo by KnR Photography)

VALE – Open and honest local government is clearly important to citizens in Malheur County.

Here’s a list of just some of those who have donated to “Dollars for Disclosure,” the fund created by the Malheur Enterprise to help pay for getting public records from Malheur County officials.

We’re humbled by every single donation, from $5 to $500. The effort has generated more than $4,000. Many donors prefer to remain confidential. Others have given permission for their names to be listed. See anyone you know on this list?

Stephen Hendricks

Gary Faw

William & Linda Alexander

Ginger McCall

Cathy A. Howell

Julianne Newton

Carol Skerjanec

Dirk DeBoer

Dick Runnels

Don and Connie Buker

Gregg Mizuta

Bennett Thede

Erik Westerholm

Fred and Melba Thielen

Robert W. Simpson Jr.

Sara Montrone

Maria Hein and Kermit McCarthy

Jessica Hiatt

Mike and Jill Thorne

Rob Maag

Chris and Bonnie Christensen

Nicole Howard

Rosie and Marty Siess

Cindy Salo

Kris D.

David HIgh

Linda Hudson and Jon Spangler

Kevin Fugate

Terry E. Jess

Bruce D. Skaug

Mac and Jan Stinchfield

Sherry Kaseberg

David Paulsen

The effort to get records is continuing. Now, county officials have brought in the largest law firm in Malheur County to help fend off our requests for records. That means even more of our staff time is going to diverted simply trying to get what ought to be available to the public.

Want to add your name to this list? Send a check to Malheur Enterprise (PO Box 310 Vale OR 97918 or 293 Washington St. W.) or go online: www.malheurenterprise.com/donate. (NOTE: This is not a charitable donation.)