Three cops ‘disgraceful,’ ‘irresponsible’ in face of colleague’s life-threatening injuries at police academy

Marion County Courthouse (Caleb Wolf/Special to Salem Reporter)

Three police officers “risked another’s life to save themselves” in an incident at the state’s training academy last October that could have killed another recruit, according to a review by the Marion County District Attorney’s Office.

The review, released Friday afternoon, presents a damning picture of an October incident that left one recruit with a serious head injury and spinal fracture while the group was practicing defensive techniques in an academy dorm room. 

While criminal charges won’t be brought, the review said that the three recruits’  “lack of candor” during the investigation “should cause serious concerns about their credibility” and is “antithetical to what real police officers do: protect others.”

“Their ‘circle the wagons’ version of what took place that . . .