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Firefighter from Payette dispatched to Australia to fight wildfires

Wildfire range fire brush fire BLM. (The Enterprise/File)

VALE – As unprecedented wildfires burn across Australia, the Vale District of Bureau of Land Management has deployed a firefighter from Payette to help Australian firefighters contain the blazes.

So far, 24 people have died from the fires across the country, and more than 2,000 homes have been damaged or destroyed, prompting outside support.

Justin Fenton of the BLM was deployed yesterday on a 30-day assignment to Australia, his first time on an overseas mission, according to Larisa Bogardus, public affairs officer for the BLM. He was part of a Northwest contingent dispatched by the BLM.

In addition to having a passport, Fenton met the training and experience required of a crew boss, making him eligible for the assignment.

Fenton also completed, within the past . . .