Ontario High soccer coach sees role beyond sports

Coach Jaime Gonzalez addresses the audience at a soccer awards banquet on Tuesday, Nov. 19, at the Ontario High School cafeteria. (The Enterprise/Joe Siess)

ONTARIO – For coach Jaime Gonzalez, the soccer program at Ontario High School is about more than just soccer. It is about coaching players to do good – on and off the field.

Gonzalez tells his players to get good grades, to take care of their families, to be respectful, and of course, to win.

And that is exactly what the Ontario Tigers did. They won the league title in the Greater Oregon League for the second year in a row, making school history.

Gonzalez was also voted coach of the year by the coaches from the other three teams in the league. Those teams include Mac-Hi, La Grande, and Baker/Powder Valley . . .