Tigers roar in 2019 soccer season

The Ontario Tigers celebrate with their coach, Jaime Gonzalez (left), and assistant coach, Daniel Dominguez (right), at the Nov. 19 soccer awards banquet at the Ontario High School cafeteria. (The Enterprise/Joe Siess)

ONTARIO – The Ontario soccer program logged an epic season. Both the girls and the boys made the playoffs and the boys clinched the league title for the second time in a row.

Boys coach Jaime Gonzalez, was named coach of the year in the Greater Oregon League and the girls flipped their league record from last year. 

At a soccer awards banquet Nov. 19 at the Ontario High School cafeteria, the Gonzalez brothers honored their teams.

Girls coach Javier Gonzalez announced all-league first team selections including Briona Romayor and Deisy Montoya.

Named all-league second team were Iris Meza, Tiffany . . .