EDITORIAL: Ontario Middle School shows impact of focus, drive to boost students

Matt Mauney, eighth-grade pre-algebra teacher at Ontario Middle School, engages a group of students during one of his classes. (The Enterprise/Joe Siess)

Each fall, state officials put out stacks of scores and percentages to show how students performed on tests. Honestly, the numbers can be numbing but they tell important stories about what the schools themselves are accomplishing. And educators across Malheur County should pay attention to the numbers posted by Ontario Middle School.

As reporter Joe Siess wrote recently, students at the Ontario school did better in English than just about every school in the county. (Only Ontario High School did better.) In math, no school could touch the results of the Ontario middle school students. The performance was not only the best in Malheur County but also beat the state averages.

Pause a moment and consider . . .