Seeking to curb ICE courthouse arrests in Oregon, immigrant advocates push for new court rule

Leland Baxter-Neal, staff attorney with the ACLU of Oregon, and Nadia Dahab, an attorney working with Innovation Law Lab, make their case for a new court rule aimed restricting immigration arrests at courthouses around Oregon. (Jake Thomas/Salem Reporter)

SALEM  – Federal Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents would be restricted from making arrests in Oregon courthouses under a rule advanced by the state’s judicial system on Friday.

A coalition of civil and immigrant rights groups, including the ACLU of Oregon and Innovation Law Lab, proposed the change in response to reports of ICE making arrests in and near courthouses of individuals suspected of being in the country illegally.

Civil liberties advocates, immigration rights groups and others have criticized the arrests for making immigrant and minority communities fearful of the legal system and less likely . . .