Oregon Court of Appeals blocks flavored vape ban from taking effect

(Courtesy/Wikimedia Commons)

The Oregon Court of Appeals has temporarily blocked a statewide ban on the sale of flavored nicotine and marijuana vaping products.

The ruling follows two petitions seeking court review of Gov. Kate Brown's executive order, which temporarily banned the sale of those products.

Canby attorney J. Ryan Adams filed one of those petitions seeking an injunction yesterday on behalf of No Moke Daddy LLC which operates two e-cigarette shops in downtown Portland under the name Division Vapor.

“We believe the Governor overstepped her authority by directing (Oregon Health Authority and Oregon Liquor Control Commission) to enact this ban,” Adams said. “Essentially what we asked the court to invalidate the rule.”

Adams said the vape shop challenged the ban because they were worried about the employment impacts on what they consider a booming . . .