Oregon’s wildfire council calls for deeper investment in protection, resources

The Governor’s Council on Wildfire Response met last week for its final meeting. (Sam Stites/ Oregon Capitol Bureau)

The Governor’s Council on Wildfire Response has concluded that the state needs to update its firefighting priorities and techniques to deal with future conflagrations.

At its final meeting last week, the council outlined about nine months of work that produced more than 50 recommendations to improve the state’s firefighting, preparedness and response. The recommendations will be given to Gov. Kate Brown in early November.

Council Chairman Matt Donegan said the group’s proposals could require about $4 billion in investments. Recommendations fall into three categories: creating wildfire-adapted communities, mitigating and developing resilient landscapes to prepare for fire, and supporting effective wildfire response.

“The basic element of this (January) executive order is, are we set up . . .