PHOTOS: Vale contains Ontario’s high-octane offense to post 41-30 victory

Vale’s offensive line sets up for the next play during Friday night’s game against Ontario. (The Enterprise/Joe Siess).

Tiger players swarm Viking quarterback Colton Kesey on the sideline. (The Enterprise/Joe Siess).

Ontario quarterback Kenji Teramura (No. 8) hands the ball off to Ruben Hernandez (No. 4) during first half action against Vale. (The Enterprise/Brandon Ragsdale).

Ontario’s Kenji Teramura (No. 8) tries to slip past Vale’s Matt McBride (No. 4) during a running play in their game Friday. (The Enterprise/Brandon Ragsdale).

Viking quarterback Colton Kesey (No. 7) runs for daylight during a football game against Ontario Friday in Vale. (The Enterprise/Joe Siess).

Kesey steps over the goal line in front of Ontario’s Brandon Rodriguez (No. 11) during first half action of their game Friday. (The Enterprise/Brandon Ragsdale).