Boquist content to break political china to make his points

Sen. Brian Boquist reflects on his political and military careers at his Dallas farm. (Aubrey Wieber/Salem Reporter)

On a rainy Monday morning in September, Sen. Brian Boquist is sitting in a darkened manufactured home that serves as his district office, his face aglow from the glare of a computer monitor.

He is a military man by training but now he’s teaching himself to be his own lawyer. From his rural Polk County home, he is putting in the first of many hours writing a legal brief. He’s advancing his fight against Senate President Peter Courtney, using the courtroom and self-taught law to make his case.

The open doors let the autumn morning breeze blow through as Boquist drank tea and typed away.

Around him were stacks and binders of legal documents. Some were his. Others . . .