Letter: It’s time to speak up on BLM plan for SE Oregon region

Comments on the draft resource management plan are due online this Wednesday, Aug. 28, to the Vale District of the BLM.

Bighorn sheep. Pronghorn antelope. Mule deer. Elk. 

If these species, that inhabit the wildlands of Malheur County, mean something to you…if you chase them every year hoping to put clean meat on the table for your family...if you love to hunt them with the your camera lens…or if you simply love the fleeting glance of them as you crest a rise…. you have a chance to speak up for them and the habitats they rely on.

On Wednesday, Aug. 28, the public comment period for the Bureau of Land Management’s draft Resource Management Plan for Southeastern Oregon closes. For years to come, this plan will guide energy development, mineral development . . .