School’s about to start in Malheur County – a snapshot of local districts

It is that time of year again and below is a look at what’s in store for the area school districts.


First Day: Tuesday, Aug. 20.

Last year’s student enrollment: 1,190.

This year’s expected enrollment: 1,215.

New teachers: 14, including three new administrators – two at the high school, one at the elementary school.

District Top three goals:

1) Collective teacher efficacy: A term that describes teachers’ expertise and ability to work together and make a difference for kids every day. 

2) Targets: When students enter the classroom, they will know exactly what they are supposed to do every day. A target describes a purpose for that particular class or period of time where students know what they need to accomplish.

3) Feedback: Teachers will work on giving helpful and productive feedback to students so they know how they are doing related to targets. 

Key changes: New superintendent, high school principal and high school vice principal. Many new maintenance projects. 


First Day: Monday, Aug. 19

Last year’s student enrollment: 300 to 310.

This year’s expected enrollment: 300 to 310.

New teachers: Three.

District’s top goals

1) Improve state test scores for ELL and Special Needs Students.

2) Increase emotional support for all students.

3) Implementation and improvement of CTE offered coursework. 

Key changes: Addition of new energy efficient lighting system for the football field and track. New Ag/Industrial Arts teacher will be able to prepare welding students for certification. 


First Day: Friday, Aug. 16.

Last year’s student enrollment: 2,400.

This year’s student enrollment: 2,400.

New teachers: 20.

District’s Top three goals

1) Building relationships with stakeholders.

2) Supporting teachers in planning and delivering instructions to students.

3) Student academic growth and emotional well-being. 

Key changes: High school parking lot changes, newly-painted classrooms/school spaces with help of True Value and a paint grant and removal of old kindergarten building at May Roberts.


First day: Monday, Aug. 19.

Last year’s student enrollment: 105.

This year’s student enrollment: 111.

New teachers: 0.

District’s top three goals:

1) Improve state test scores.

2) Improve attendance.

3) Implementation and improvement of CTE offered coursework..

Key changes: Fully functional greenhouse in FFA. New automotive shop, resurface of outdoor track and field facility.


First day: Monday, Aug. 19.

Last year’s student enrollment: 936.

This year’s student enrollment: 922.

New teachers: 10.

District’s top three goals:

1) Increase the number of students meeting or exceeding mathematics benchmarks.

2) Increase access to mental health reports.

3) Optimize opportunities for students. 

Key changes: The greatest change in the district this year will be the transition from the old middle school to the newly constructed middle school. 


First day: Monday, Aug. 19.

Last year’s student enrollment: 70.


First day: Wednesday, Aug. 21 (9th grade), Thursday, Aug. 22 (all).

Last year’s student enrollment: 320.