Nyssa local returns to start teaching career as first day looms

Mariana Bañuelos cuts the extra laminate off posters for her classroom. With only a few days before school starts, the new teacher is placing the final touches on her classroom decor with handmade posters all in Spanish. (The Enterprise/Isabella Garcia)

NYSSA — Crouching over a knee-high children’s table, Mariana Bañuelos is putting the finishing touches on handmade posters for her classroom in preparation for the first day of school — and her first as teacher.

“The goal is to be over prepared,” Bañuelos said about starting the year at Nyssa Elementary School. She talks freely about her nerves, but her brow is never furrowed for too long before her eyes crinkle up with a confident smile. After all, this is her home turf. Bañuelos was born and raised in Nyssa, only leaving to pursue a teaching . . .