PHOTOS: EhCapa riders entertain at the Malheur County Fair

Aubry Hillman, Queen of the EhCapa Bareback Riders, rides without a tack rein — a strap around the horse's neck — using her feet, legs and voice to guide the horse. (The Enterprise/Isabella Garcia)

ONTARIO — The EhCapa Bareback Riders were the featured entertainment at the Malheur County Fair Tuesday evening. The riders are known for their ability to guide their horses with just a tack rein, a strap around the horse's neck, or their legs and voice.

The EhCapa, or "Apache" spelled backwards, have been entertaining crowds for 60 years, often making the fair and rodeo circuit throughout the West. The announcer at the fair explained that the group aims to honor the style of bareback riding and connection between rider and horse that native Apache tribes developed.

A rider smiles at the crowd after . . .