Malheur County faces Friday deadline to make case for rail project

Greg Smith (left) Malheur County Economic Development Director along with Larry Wilson, Malheur County commissioner, testify before the Oregon Transportation Commission in June. (The Enterprise/File).

NYSSA – State transportation officials want Malheur County to provide a more precise financial plan on a proposed rail reload center by Friday.

In a June 21 letter, Tammy Baney, chair of the Oregon Transportation Commission, directed the county to furnish details and supporting documentation on specific elements of the reload center proposal.

Baney set a July 12 deadline for answers from local rail reload facility supporters.

The commission is scheduled to decide at its Thursday, July 18, meeting on awarding $26 million to the local rail facility.

In her three-page letter, Baney asked for details on rail shipping costs, expenses, transit times and a guarantee from . . .