Photo Gallery: Kids in the Garden

Eisley Barfield, 4, rakes sand to make a mini Japanese garden with help from her mom, Hilary Barfield at the Kids in the Garden event in the Four Rivers Cultural Center. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

After a garden tour, kids were given their own sand boxes and hand-made wooden rakes to try their hand at Japanese landscaping. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Mike Miller, Japanese garden curator, gathered attendees under an azumaya, a traditional Japanese pavilion. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Miller demonstrates how to smooth out the sand before using the rake to make designs. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Kids gathered around Mike Miller, Japanese garden curator, as he explained that water, stones, iron and wood are typical elements seen in Japanese gardens. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)

Eight-year-old Richard Robertson carves designs into his sandbox after landscaping with stones. (The Enterprise/Yadira Lopez)