PHOTO GALLERY: 2019 Billy Evins Roping

A heeler attempts to rope the back of the legs of a steer during the Billy Evins Team Roping event Friday, June 21. (The Enterprise/Kristine de Leon)

VALE – Twenty-four team roping teams and 20 barrel racers are set to compete at the Vale 4th of July Rodeo following last Friday’s Billy Evins Memorial Roping events.

The local contest is a must for Malheur County residents who want to compete in the team roping and barrel racing events at the Vale rodeo.

Jim Mendiola, Vale Rodeo president, said the Billy Evins Roping competition was once just another roping event for locals, independent of the 4th of July Rodeo.

“For the first 15 to 20 years, it was just its own roping event with prizes. But in the last 12-15 years, we decided to make it a qualifier for the rodeo so we could get more local people in events at the Vale rodeo,” Mendiola said.

He said the plan worked. More Malheur County residents have regularly signed up for the local rodeo.

The memorial roping event was started in honor of Billy Evins, who was a lifelong contributor and volunteer for the Vale rodeo. 

“He was president of the rodeo for years and years – a very long time,” Mendiola said. “His son Craig Evins is now on the board.”


Barrel Racing 

Ages 6-8

Shaney Mae Marts; 2. Cade Coleman; 3. Cash Coleman; 4. Cruz Trevino

Ages 9-10

Riley Steele; 2. Jocelyn Child; 3. Amaya Jaca

Ages 11-13

Madi Jo Steele; 2. Sammi-Jo Worley; 3. Lily Schwabauer; 4. Riata Rockwell

Ages 14-18

Halle Burch; 2. Hannah Amick; 3. Jessie Arriola


Amber Hopkins; 2. Hannah Amick; 3. Amber Hopkins; 4. Sammi-Jo Worley

Team Roping (header, heeler)

1. Jody Moulton, Raul Trevino

2. Clay Griffith, Dawson Lunt

3. Renae Hollenbeck Rod Steele

4. Ryan Joyce, John Schoorl

5. Annie Hood, John Schoorl

6. Doug Burgess, Jace Justus

7. Jody Moulton, Trevor Engles

8. Rich Moulton, Justin Fulwyler

9. Rich Moulton, Matt Moulton

10. Cody McKenzie, Lonny Bezona

11. Matt Morford, Jessie Arriola

12. Pete Joyce, Toby McBride

13. Brenda Reay, Mike Reay

14. Coy Shaffield, Toby McBride

15. Brenda Reay, Rod Steele

16. Pete Joyce, Brian Schwabauer

17. Jody Moulton, Jason Wallace

18. Pete Joyce, Marc Zander

19. Donna Nelson, John Hackler

20. Peter McBride, Toby McBride

21. Renae Hollenbeck, Travis Hollenbeck

22. Capri Bezona, Lonny Bezona

23. Paul Elsner, Cole Hood

24. Joy Mendiola, Mike Coleman

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