PHOTO GALLERY: Night time was the right time at the Nyssa Nite Rodeo

A cowboy from North Powder takes a break between saddle bronc rides at the Nyssa Nite Rodeo.

In the early-evening dusk, a young cowboy prepares his gear against the fence of the corrals behind the rodeo chutes.

As night crawls over the arena, a cowboy looks out at the crowd.

Quick repair jobs to gear are essential and often the norm for cowboys.

The moment of truth arrives as a cowboy exits a chute at the rodeo Saturday night.

Minor injuries are as much a part of the rodeo as the stock animals. This cowboy received a gash below the knee after a ride in the arena.

A cowboy holds on to his bucking horse, hoping to clinch a qualifying time at the Nyssa Nite Rodeo.

Riding a bronc demands a variety of skills and, in the end, a lot of luck.

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