As Oregon moves towards no clock changes, Malheur County goes its own way

SALEM — A proposal to put Oregon on year-round Daylight Saving Time passed the House Thursday, and now the only hurdles to the change are outside the state.

Senate Bill 320, which passed 37-20, now goes to Gov. Kate Brown. But the shift away from twice-yearly changing of the clocks will only really happen if California passes similar legislation and Congress gets involved.

Washington has already done so, and Gov. Jay Inslee has signed the change into law.

The California Assembly last month passed a bill to place the country's most populous state on daylight tim, but the state Senate has yet to take it up.

If California joins Oregon and Washington, Congress still must vote to let the three states abandon Pacific Standard Time. Several West Coast lawmakers, including Sen. Ron Wyden, D-Ore., support . . .