State legislator’s private company poised to get another $180,000 from Malheur County

Greg Smith, a state legislator and Malheur County's economic development director, appears at a public meeting regarding the county's proposed rail shipping center. John Braese, a project manager for the county agency, was hired in 2018 to help. (Pat Caldwell/The Enterprise)

VALE -- Greg Smith pitched Malheur County for more public money for his company last June.

The county was already paying Gregory Smith & Company $108,000 a year for economic development services.

Now, Smith was asking for another $72,000 to bring on a staffer who would focus on pushing ahead work on the proposed Treasure Valley Reload Center.

The Malheur County Court – Judge Dan Joyce and Commissioners Larry Wilson and Don Hodge – voted on June 6, 2018, to approve the money. Recently, the county court tentatively agreed to extend the . . .