Organic excess in water treatment plant has Ontario holding its nose

Ontario wastewater treatment plant includes a lagoon system. (Enterprise file photo)

ONTARIO – An excessive influx of organic matter into the Ontario wastewater treatment system has resulted in offensive odors permeating the city air.

Dan Lopez, an Ontario resident and co-owner of Treasure Valley Steel, said he can smell a foul odor at his home northwest of town, especially when the windows are open. He said he stench is worse when the weather is warm and windy.

“When the wind blows up the hill, it smells so bad. It makes my eyes water,” Lopez said. “I’ve been around dairies that don’t smell nearly as bad as this.”

Lopez said the odor is also noticeable at his shop, which lies just east of the lagoon system. 

“We could smell it at the shop. Sometimes the . . .