Grassy Mountain mine permit request draws ire of two conservation groups

Michael McGinnis, the chief geologist fort Paramount Gold Nevada's Grassy Mountain mine project, shows a rock sample sliced apart by a diamond drill. In the past two years, Paramount has drilled 200 holes in the Grassy Mountain area to take rock samples. (The Enterprise/File).

VALE – Two conservation groups want the county to put the brakes on two permits for a proposed mining operation 22 miles south of town.

Calico Resources USA Corp. applied for a county land use permit last month but the Oregon Natural Desert Association and the 1000 Friends of Oregon said the project puts wildlife at risk. They asked the county to hold off on approving the permits for the Grassy Mountain mine.

Calico Resources USA Corp.’s parent company – Paramount Gold Nevada Corp. – plans to build a gold and silver mining complex on . . .