Drivers would get relief from gas price hikes expected with enviro policy

Oregonians pushing cap and trade rally outside of the Capitol. (Aubrey Wieber/Salem Reporter)

For months, the conversation around Oregon’s proposed carbon program has revolved around how it will impact industrial polluters.

On Monday, a public hearing focused on mitigating anticipated gas price increases to soften the new environmental policy’s affect on low-income Oregonians.

The public hearing on House Bill 3425 kept the Joint Committee on Carbon Reduction busy as legislative lawyers worked through the scores of amendments.

Under the cap and trade proposal, the state would limit certain carbon emissions. Selected industries emitting at least 25,000 metric tons of greenhouse gasses per year would have to pay for every ton of pollutants. To do that, they would buy allowances from the state through an auction.

Commodities such as . . .