Attorneys for Montwheeler want to delay and move upcoming trial

Attorneys for Anthony Montwheeler want to move his trial out of Malheur County because of 'inflammatory' media coverage. (The Enterprise/File).

VALE – Anthony Montwheeler is headed back to the Oregon State Hospital again, this time for an evaluation of his mental condition at the time of the January 2017 crimes for which he faces the potential death penalty.

Meantime, Montwheeler’s attorneys are asking a state judge to move Montwheeler’s trial out of Malheur County and to find Oregon’s death penalty unconstitutional. Montwheeler “is planning an insanity defense” against the charges, according to a court filing by his defense attorneys last week. He is charged with kidnapping and stabbing to death Annita Harmon, an ex-wife, on Jan. 9, 2017, and then killing David Bates of Vale and injuring his wife Jessica in a collision during a . . .