In the community

A caring, hard-working Ontario man dies after troubles caught up with him

Victor Morales Zavala (right) poses with his older brother, Jose Morales Zavala. Victor Morales Zavala was shot by police March 14 after a high-speed chase through Idaho and Oregon. (Submitted photo)

ONTARIO – Silhouetted against the sunlight cracking through the closed curtains of a small room in the funeral home, Mary Zavala wept loudly before her dead son as her husband, Salvador Morales, and her two children held her tight.

For the family and their friends, Victor Morales Zavala’s life required a week of mourning. 

The magnitude of that love – communal, familial – was manifest at his viewing held recently at the Lienkaemper Funeral Home.

More than a hundred people showed up to greet the family and exchange intimate expressions of tenderness. Rawness, an intense sense of unmooring, filled the room.

For . . .