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Public Notice

Nyssa City Council Chambers

3/21/19 at 6:30pm

14 S 3rd Street

Nyssa, OR 97913

Nyssa Planning Commission will hold a Public Hearing to receive public comment for Street Vacation on 7th Street between Commercial and Thompson Ave. and a rezone at Fiesta Farms at 350 Commercial Ave. to Light Industrial.

At the hearing the Commission is expected to consider an application from Fiesta Farms City of Nyssa Development Code specifies that this type of application is approved through a Type I/Type II Land Use Action application process.

Persons wishing to comment on this proposal, either at the hearing or by sending comments to Nyssa City Hall, 301 Main Street, Nyssa Oregon 97913 by 4:00pm on March 21st 2019.

The hearing location is . . .