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California motorcycle accessory firm moves distribution hub to Malheur County

Bill Michaels, vice president of Pacific Powersports Inc., said he anticipates his shift to Ontario will be a good move. (The Enterprise/Pat Caldwell).

ONTARIO – Standing in the center of the old Pepsi warehouse in east Ontario last week, Bill Michaels said he decided to come to America because needed a new carpet for his home.

It was the mid-1970s and Michaels and his wife Ineke lived just outside of Rotterdam, a city in Holland.

Then in their 30s, the couple talked about a new carpet but that conversation turned to buying a new home. Then they were talking about California, where Ineke’s brother lived.

“So, we thought ‘let’s go.’ We sold everything we had and moved to California,” said Michaels.

Ontario and Rotterdam have few similarities but 40 years after he . . .