EDITORIAL: Nyssa rail project risks should be faced head on

Questions are mounting about the proposed rail shipping center in Nyssa, and the community deserves straight answers. Millions of dollars of public money and potentially dozens of jobs are at stake. Economic development officials need to be more forthright.

The Treasure Valley Reload Center is projected as an economic boon for Malheur County. The center would handle produce, primarily onions, for fast shipment to key markets around the U.S. Early projections were that the center could save local onion shippers about $2 million in costs. The center also could produce new full-time jobs, though the number seems uncertain, and could trigger other industrial development in Nyssa.

But consultants recently raised cautions about the project. The Tioga Group, hired by the state Transportation Department, questions the rail service to the Nyssa plant. It notes that Union Pacific Railroad already operates a . . .