Wolf visits, but does not linger, in Malheur County

An 18-month-old gray wolf - similar to this one - entered Malheur County in November but quickly departed. (Photo courtesy of the Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife).

IRONSIDE – A young male wolf visited Malheur County in November but he didn’t linger and ended up going to California.

Phillip Milburn, Oregon Department of Fish and Wildlife biologist in Ontario, confirmed the 18-month-old gray wolf – dubbed OR-59 – wandered into the very edge of the county near Malheur Reservoir around Thanksgiving. Milburn said a radio collar helped game officials track the animal.

“He made a couple of loops around eastern Oregon,” said Milburn. OR-59 wandered onto a carcass of a calf, said Milburn, and lingered near it for a few days near Malheur Reservoir until it was buried by a cattle rancher.

 “Then . . .