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Border collie surprises Cairo kindergarteners with presents

Sylvia Draper and Sophie Ernest pet border collie Kate who played the role of “Miss Bindergarten,” a fictional canine kindergarten teacher in the book series about the border collie. (The Enterprise/Kristine de Leon)

ONTARIO — The kindergarteners at Cairo Elementary School got a surprise last week when when Kate the border collie came through the door bearing wrapped presents.

“This is the best day ever!” exclaimed Trigger Davidson, as he ripped off the wrapping of a toy.

“It’s the best Christmas ever!” said Sylvia Draper, holding out her new Rapunzel doll in one hand and her new pink sweater in another. 

Each student received a toy, beanie and sweatshirt. The presents were given out one by one during their last class period of the day.

The border collie’s visit was part of a tradition . . .